A summer without fireworks

Living in a small city like Himeji is a pleasant one except for the distance, everything is far enough that we have to use car to go to some place. It is not that I hate driving but I will prefer to walk to the destination rather than driving. Fireworks is one example.

Summer without enjoying fireworks (we say 花火=hanabi in japanese or “kembang api” in Indonesian language) in Japan is really lonely. Today has been the middle of august and I couldn’t arrange any outgoing with family to watch such a magnificent  view.

Last year we live near Kobe Port and only take 15 minutes walking to the beach opposite to the Meriken Park where the fireworks party held. Aisha enjoyed very much the scene when thousands of fires bloomed in the night sky of Kobe City. This year our son Adnan couldn’t watch such a thing in the first time of his life. Zannen deshita.

Maybe tomorrow night we will have our own fireworks down the park next to our apartment building since we will have a visit from a colleague, a physican student from Kobe Univ, with his wife and little boy.

I hope some places near to us will have fireworks before the summer end so our family can enjoy the summer better.