December Again

I couldn’t recall exactly and even do not have any will to check again, but I think this the x times I write a posting with this title.

December always means a lot to me. In Indonesia I like december because the rainy season which cools down Makassar’s hot. In december I can feel water falling from the sky in the hard rain, watching it flowing up to my old elementary school’s front yard, SD Negeri Bontoramba. The school is located in front of my father’s house.

In Japan I like december because it is the snow time. Although in Kobe I can’t feel the soft white misterious thing, I still can remember how snow filled the roof of the building next to my apartment in Fukui. In Fukui, I sometimes let the window opened in the middle of snowy night to watch the snow falling from the sky. Subhanallah, it was very beautiful scene. Maybe it is not december I like, but the snow which commonly come regularly to visit on december which I love so much.

This december will be busy month. I have many remarks on my calender on this month. The time limit to subtitute my research result will be on this month. Some farewell parties have taken some spots on the days mark, including farewell party by the seminar class in the campus. Some others are Mandom related activities and also tight schedule with driving school which particularly requested by company to accomplish because I will have to drive to go to work from april next year. Most of the schedules are fun, although probably I can’t enjoy all of it because of exhausting 🙁

December again, busy but exciting.

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  1. yuda says:

    makassar udah mulai banjir… titip salam buat salju2 yg berjatuhan ,,,,

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