Will be nonbiri weekend?

After struggling with a tight schedule due to updating proccess of http://anaknegri.com I guess this weekend will be a little bit peaceful. Although, I still have to prepare for presentation in Garuda next tuesday, the project is not as complicated as anaknegri.com so I feel a little bit free.

The system I have to make to compete with other 3 contestants is a system which will provide an online system to serve PPI Kansai ticketing. This is not purely business because I also have to consider the PPI Kansai as our organization which eventually will serve me too. At first I offer a semi-free bid, if I am appointed as the developer I will not ask for any cash or percentage, as a payment I only ask for space to put my ads in PPI Kansai website, but finally the committe made a draft of agreement which offer percentage and the possibility to run the ticketing service. Well, I guess that fair enough.

We’ll see can I convince Mr.Fahmi about the program I am working on or not. I have enough self convidence about the concept I made, it is just the matter of time I think. Well, at least I still have 3 days to work it out.

Will this weekend be a peaceful and nonbiri weekend? maybe not, yet.