a cup of coffee

It is 2:58 dawn in the morning. A cup of coffee has run down my throat but still gives no effect. My eyes are too heavy. I try to keep awake by setting earphone and let the PETER PAN fill my head.

5 years ago nights are my busy time, and I usually was succesful to keep brain and eyes brightly until the dawn rises. Lately, probably because the new rhytim of my life, I am getting tired easily. Is this just age or the pattern of my life changes? :nyengir: I hope it is just the pattern.

Some improvements in AN have been achieved. I almost accomplish the updating of login, logout, profiles, and some basic gate to the new version of AN. Some background tools like "waktu sholat" alarm and automatic mail-reader script have been ready to activate. I hope I can finish in this winter vacation and re-launch before Idul Adha.

Stretching my legs and thinking again, do I need another cup of coffee or just run to the bed now 🙂