Flower city Bandung

Bandung, arrived on saturday 18 March 2006.

As far as I can see nothing changes too much in Bandung since the last time I visited last year. Traffic jam in Soekarno Hatta-Buah Batu, crowd in Alun-alun, and the noisy in Kebon Kalapa.
What caught my eyes is things that dramatically changes in the area around NHI Bandung or IKIP and surroundings. I saw a laundry service which is named AUTO WASH, pretty smart I think, an area where thousands of students from NHI Bandung, IKIP Bandung, and other universities lives of course will need a lot of services like laundry, places to eat, and bookstores & stationeries.
This city really promises many possibilities and chances. If you would like to try services related business, this city is one of the best choices in Indonesia for now. Not only because the consuming behaviour of the people but also because every weekend this city is crowded by thousands of people from Jakarta who are coming to spend their money. With Cipularang highway avalibale on service since last year, for people from Jakarta, Bandung is nearer than other places in Jakarta itself. One of my acquintances even said that it is preferrable to have lunch in Bandung rather than Glodok area 🙂

Interesting in business? Why not trying your luck in Bandung?