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We need to change because it is the only way to survive

Dell is going private with USD 23 billion to reshape the corporation while its profit declined 7%.
PC is losing the ground due to the tablet booming. Will Dell become another Kodak? Maybe yes if they don’t change.
There is no such a safe industry. We are all in vulnerable industry.
We need to change because it is the only way to survive.

Where Should We Start?

Two weeks at Indonesia, enjoying the nostalgic feeling in every activity both at hometown Makassar and my wife’s hometown, Tasikmalaya. When I write this essay I just arrive at Osaka International Airport, heading to Itami, riding on the bus while screening some blocks of warehouse in the distance.
It’s always this feeling every time I come back from Indonesia. Looking at this country, Japan, everything is in order, in beautiful harmony with clean environment, all make me feel jealous and keep asking to myself, how can I make my country be like this country? Indonesia with abundant culture and religious society combined with everything-in-order people. Wow, it’s a big dream! It will need either well-planned culture evolution or drastic culture revolution lead by gov’t. How can I take a role in this change is still a puzzle for me. While the incapability of doing anything to take a part, make me feeling dazzy.
One thing I know for sure, the change will take years and the effort will need a large number of agents of change in every fields of society. The change will face a great opposition from everyone that feel comfortable with what we have now in Indonesia. But we do need this, surely need a change to make a better life and a better country. But back to the question again, how can I take a part and where should I start?